Our history

Take Five Hospitality Group

– has been on the hospitality market for more than ten years. During this time, we managed to prove ourselves as a reliable partner with a team of real specialists.

Every day we give unique impressions and unforgettable emotions, remaining the number 1 company in the hearts of our guests in Odesa.

The company's main mission - every day we make our guests' lives tastier and happier!
Today, the company's structure includes 15 concept restaurants:
"Khinkalnia" - 9 restaurants of Georgian cuisine
"Krym" - 2 Crimean Tatar cafes
"Khadjibey" is a Crimean Tatar restaurant
"Monica Pinza Pasta Bar" is an Italian restaurant
"Nikos" is a Greek restaurant
and 2 hotels: "Geneva Park Hotel" and "Premier Geneva Hotel".
Geneva Park Hotel
The first company project was the "Geneva Park" mini-hotel, opened in 2010 in the quiet center of Odesa.
Geneva Park Hotel
The design of all 13 hotel rooms is made using ecological materials - cotton, linen, stones and wood. The coloring of the Odesa typical courtyard, where "Geneva Park'' is located, allows you to feel the Odesa vibe, to be alone in the quiet and peaceful center of the city, away from the hustle and bustle.
Premier Geneva Hotel
After the success of the Geneva Park Hotel, the idea of expanding the chain appeared among city guests, and already in 2014, a new hotel was opened in the city center, on Yevreyska Street – Premier Geneva Hotel.
38 rooms, a spacious conference hall and its own restaurant quickly make the hotel an attractive place for business travelers and favorite place of rest for guests of Odesa.

In 2016, Premier Geneva Hotel receives 2 well-deserved awards - from the International Hospitality Awards - The best mini hotel and Traveller's Choice from Tripadvisor.
In the spring of 2015, the first restaurant "Brattya Gryl" (later "More Grill") opens in Arcadia on the seashore, and in November of the same year, another restaurant "Brattya Gryl" opens on Deribasivska Street, which will later turns into "Khinkalnya"
Development of Khinkalnia restaurants and franchises
In 2016, the first restaurant "Khinkalnia" opened in Bunin st.
In March 2017, "Khinkalnia" opened in Gorky park.
In the summer of 2017, "Khinkalnia" opened on the Korolev st.
In 2017, the opening of "Khinkalnia" on Langheron
In 2018, the opening of "Khinkalnia" in Arcadia
In 2019, "Khinkalnia" in the Kotovsky residential area
In 2020 "Khinkalnia" on Shevchenko Avenue
Khadzhibey and Krym
Khadzhibey - the first Crimean Tatar restaurant in Odessa, located in the historical center of the city, opened its doors to guests on October 19, 2018.

In our restaurant, we honor the traditions of Crimean Tatar cuisine and cook according to home national recipes: chebureks and yantiks, juicy shish kebabs and kebabs, aromatic pilaf, manti and sarma.
After eight months of successful work of the Khadzhibey restaurant, on July 4, 2019, the Krym cafe opened in Arcadia, which functioned from the first rays of the sun in April until November. You are waiting for: open terraces with a beautiful view directly on the Black Sea, the voices of seagulls and the sound of sea waves in a team with the most delicious Crimean Tatar cuisine and Odesa hospitality.

In June 2020, another sister of the Krym cafe chain opened in the Kotovsky residential area. The authenticity of this cafe in a duet with the traditional dishes of the Crimean Tatars amazes and delights its guests every day!
Monica Pinza Pasta BAR
Our restaurant opened its doors on May 25, 2019. From the first days it became clear: Monica is love for life!
The restaurant's calling card is Pinza Romana. This is an author's dish, invented by Pinzaiolo in the fifth generation, a native of one of the oldest baker families in Rome - Corrado Di Marco. The Di Marco family are Monica's partners. We get the flour and yeast for pinza directly from Rome. The main thing is that Pinza Romana contains 3 types of flour: rice, soy, wheat and Italian yeast over 5 years old.

Pinza dough ripens from 48 to 72 hours. Thanks to the unique flour mix, Pinza Romana is low-calorie, with minimal gluten content and easily digestible. The result: a crispy golden crust and tender dough inside with plenty of filling - the perfect Pinza Romana.
Every day we prepare Pasta Fresca by hand according to the classic recipe of the city of Bologna using Semola Molino flour.

The design of the restaurant was made by the Belenko studio, in the traditional Italian style. Many elements attract attention - antique mirrors and furniture, a marble bar counter, and upon entering the restaurant guests are greeted by a chandelier of 365 wine glasses - one for each day of the year!

A new concept restaurant in the heart of the city, opened its doors on July 10, 2021.
Nikos is like a big Greek family, always ready to welcome, listen, feed and give love to every guest.
The restaurant with Greek soul and Odesa hospitality, the specialty of which are authentic recipes, excellent quality of products and real Greek wine. Mezedes, gyros and keftedes, seafood, aromatic penirli from a real wood-fired oven, in a company with a high level of service - will not leave any of the guests indifferent!

In October 2022, Nikos restaurant won the award for the best design from the Belenko studio, taking first place in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world "Restaurant & Bar Design Awards" among European places.
In June 2022, a seasonal fish restaurant "Chornomorka" opened in Arcadia.
The menu includes fish and seafood from all over the world: from Dniester carp to Norwegian salmon, oysters, Black Sea mussels and rapans.

Open terraces with a view of the Black Sea, the voices of seagulls overhead, the sea breeze, the enticing aromas of ready-made dishes, the clinking glasses of sparkling wine - all of this awaits every guest of Chernomorka!
Khinkalnia in homestead on Koroleva st.
In May 2023, the new restaurant "Khinkalnia" opened its doors in the homestead
on Akademika Koroleva Street

Cozy gazebos, a green, blooming area, a small waterfall, in the company of the most delicious Georgian cuisine - create an atmosphere of comfort and authentic Georgian hospitality.
Khinkalnia on Langeron
After six years of continuous growth and development, in June 2023, the Khinkalnia restaurant opened its doors on the Black Sea coast in the new location of Langeron beach.

An incredibly green large area, a wonderful sea view, a cozy atmosphere, several floors with summer terraces, spacious halls - we have created all this for the comfort and enjoyment of our dear guests.
We are waiting for you in our restaurants and hotels!
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